Solid advice from an ENFJ pretty far on the “E” side of things.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

As a child, I’d regularly strike up conversations with strangers at restaurants, gas stations, and grocery stores. If my mother were in a good enough place to handle my shenanigans, she’d laugh and gently direct me away. Normally, the stranger would gleam and offer an over-the-top compliment about what a…

There’s really no need to fear death

tarot card reader sitting in front of a store in Brooklyn.
Photo by Peter Clark on Flickr

“Seriously?” The dude beamed white, straight teeth beneath the kind of ironic hipster mustache cropping up more and more in The Turkey’s Nest, a dive bar near the Bedford stop of the L train in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

“Yep,” I affirmed. “One drink for each of my friends, only if it’s…

Jenny Mundy-Castle, M.S.T, Ed.Spec, ENL, Ed.Lead

Jenny Mundy-Castle is the author of Every Time I Didn’t Say No, her memoir inspired by educating high-trauma youth in New York, New Mexico, and Nigeria.

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